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Michael A. Blackstock, PhD


mike [at] mblackstock.com

Research Interests

I am CTO of Sense Tecnic Systems.

My research focuses on tools and middleware for the Internet of Things, ubiquitous and pervasive computing. Currently working on distributed and hosted data flow tools for the IoT using Node-RED. Previously built a system called the Web of Things Toolkit - the WoTKit - a web centric system for managing 'things', controlling them, collecting data from them, and storing data they emit. In my thesis work I proposed a common programming model for ubiquitous systems based on existing systems' abstractions, and evaluated this model by integrating several representative and well known research systems.

I have also worked on infrastructure to support large scale interaction and convergence of mobile phones, situated displays and sensors. In the past I have worked on peer to peer systems, enterprise middleware for efficient email and web access from mobile devices, mobile phone multiplayer games, and peer to peer collaboration systems.


Industry Experience Highlights

Sense Tecnic Systems. Co-founded Sense Tecnic in 2010 to develop tools and infrastructure for the Internet of Things.
INETCO Systems. Advisor since February 2010. VP R&D from February 2009, Board member since October 2006.
Colligo Networks. In 2000, I co-founded Colligo Networks. At Colligo I worked with a great team to make it fast and easy for for people to securely and spontaneously interact with each other (synchronized databases, exchange files, instant message, synchronize calendars and other data) on the go using ad hoc 802.11 and Bluetooth networks with PDAs, laptops and tablet PCs.
Infowave Software. Before Colligo I was Vice President of Research and Development for Infowave Software, Inc. (1997). At Infowave we worked on software that efficiently and securely connected enterprise applications such as email and intranet applications to laptops, PDAs and cell phones over wide area wireless networks like Mobitex, and CDPD.
GDT Softworks. Infowave started out as GDT Softworks, where we developed technology to print to a wide range of printers such as colour inkjet printers from Mac OS and PDA operating systems for companies like Apple, Epson, Canon, HP and Toshiba.

Academic Activities

Publications Chair, Middleware 2015 in Vancouver, Canada, December 2015
Co-Organizer, Common Models and Patterns for Pervasive Computing (CMPPC) 2007 at Pervasive 2007 in Toronto, Canada, May 2007
Co-Chair, 4th Workshop on Systems Support for Ubiquitous Computing (Ubisys) 2006 at Ubicomp 2006 in Newport Beach California, September 2006