Previous Research

Image Recognition Server for Museum Applications

At MAGIC we integrated a content-based image retrieval database with PDA and phone cameras to recognize photos taken in museums and provide visitors with related information.

Mobile MUSE: Mobile Media-rich Urban Shared Experience

As part of the aMUSEment project I assisted in the development of a location-aware game called the Digital Dragon Boat Race as a member of the Mobile MUSE research team lead by Dr. Rodger Lea.

Context Rendezvous

In this project I investigated the use of a structured peer to peer network for location-based service discovery.

Multiplayer Wireless Games

This project investigated performance issues related to multiplayer gaming using J2ME enabled Bluetooth devices such as the Nokia 6600 and N-Gage phones.


Aspect Oriented Programming - C# Weaver Prototype

I put together a very simple prototype aspect weaver and paper for C# for a project in Dr. DeVolder's Topics in Programming Languages course in Sept-Dec 2003. It's still a prototype (i.e. very limited functionality), but it illustrates how to do dynamic component-level weaving (i.e. weave when component first used) using the built in .NET libraries. [Project Paper (PDF)]

Computer Supported Cooperative Work - Preliminary CSCW Architectural Design Considerations

I wrote this short paper for Dr. McGrenere’s Human Computer Interface course surveys some papers and products that describe unique CSCW system architectures including Groove Networks, Jabber, PAC*, Clover, etc. [Project Paper (PDF)]